even better than before

I’ve been enjoying New York thoroughly. Whether I’m grooving on Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” at Smoke on a Saturday, watching Jon Elbaz rip through barriers like swiss cheese at Smalls, or taking in the Mingus Big Band on a Monday, New York has no shortage of blessings, love, and music. It’s all happening, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

I’ve been making the rounds to as many sessions as I can find, whether it’s Kelly Green’s trio on Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Wilky, Alex Tremblay’s group at Sort of Wine Bar on Wednesdays, or any night at Smalls. I live for this.

I have some news to share - soon, but not just yet. Things are moving fast. The reception I’ve been getting from the musicians I revere is shocking. Are they sure they have the right guy? Do they know I’m small-time? Do they know that this was only a dream for me, one that I was never quite sure would happen? Apparently, those notions are products of a bygone era. It’s a new story of self for me, and I’m loving every minute of it.

I look forward to sharing some announcements in the coming months. For now, I can say that I’ll be with Allen Lowe’s group at Jazz at Lincoln Center (room TBA) on May 2nd at 7:30. As always, that one will be fun and fearless.

The city that never sleeps. I do, usually between the hours of 5 AM and 12 PM. It took me a long time to be here, but I’m here. Life is good. Hope to see you somewhere.