you have questions

so do i.

i know, almost beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the voice issues and the penny are unrelated.

beyond that, things have changed. my capabilities are probably beyond what they've ever been. honestly, i'm more confused than excited. 

i can't accurately reflect on this. i didn't do the technical exercises necessary to generate a sound like this. i'm not sure what the explanation is. i've wondered whether the speech therapy was a technical exercise that has expanded my ability to produce sound.

i made a record with Allen Lowe with a penny in my horn. i played Dizzy's and Firehouse 12 with a penny lodged in my trombone. i'm not sure how i didn't know that was possible, but it's wild. i think acquitted myself pretty well in those situations, but this development opens up new doors for me.

i didn't think i was really ready to be who i wanted to be before the penny. after the penny, everything is available. i've been asked to play with the Makanda Project on August 11th at First Chuch in Roxbury, MA (Boston area), playing the music of Makanda Ken McIntyre. the band is heavy. this will be an opportunity to sink or swim with these newfound abilities. 

i have no idea what the future holds, other than the fact that you will see more of me. it has been a long week, and i think i need to recover now. i'll post one more track from the Joe Henderson gig (which was stellar, props to all involved), then contemplate my future and my past. with any fortune, i can have the future i have wanted for a long time.

be well, friends!