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I don’t really feel like getting sappy, but this is a great time for me, especially when you consider where I was four years ago. 

Right before I was about to graduate from college, I began to suffer from vocal cord dysfunction. Basically, my vocal cords opened when they were supposed to close and closed when they were supposed to open. I had chest pains, trouble talking and trouble breathing for at least two years. At least 10 doctors had no cure.  of course, if you can’t take a full breath, trombone is incredibly difficult. It was too painful, physically and emotionally. It affected every facet of my life.

I finally found the right speech therapist in early 2017. Her name is Michele Demarest. She’s terrific. Her company is Morris Speech Therapy. She trained me in recovering my voice and ability to play. Almost every day, I performed the exercises, and I began to see results.

Fast forward a year. I am attending jam sessions in New York. I am playing with Allen Lowe and Elijah Shiffer. I played Dizzy’s in February and Firehouse 12 in March, both with Allen. I might be allowed to post a recording from the Firehouse gig, but I can’t make any promises at this point. It was dope, though; I hope I may. I have two jobs in the sports world. I am re-establishing my friendships. I am having the time of my life. the last step of my recovery is to bring the Vibe Tribe back. I have been writing for four years, and I cannot wait to share this music with you. Literally. I have waited long enough.

I want to welcome you to my brand new website. I hope you like it! This is an exciting time for me. I can’t wait to see as many of you as possible! 

stay tuned for the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey returns of the Tribe. Hope to see you around! 

sincerely and humbly yours,

brian simontacchi