things are looking up

starting to really experience New York. got to spend some time with Corey Wilcox early Wednesday morning. For those of you who don’t know, Corey is a ridiculous trombone musician.

last night, I started my night by checking out Sylvia Cuenca at Smalls. Her quartet was ridiculous. Ralph Bowen floored me with his solo on McCoy Tyner’s “For Tomorrow.” 

stopped by Dizzy’s for Andrew Renfroe’s quartet. Those are my dudes. Renfroe always has an interesting arrangement (or five) to share. 

after that, came back to Smalls for Jovan Alexandre and his quartet. What a band. Tim Angulo was making his first appearance with the band on drums. He was.....well, you’ll see.

after that, played some tunes at the jam session. Johnny O’Neal was very complimentary. that’s a big deal.

the next step is to move close to the city, e.g. Jersey City or something like that, or Brooklyn or Queens. looking for an opportunity to do that.

Eternally grateful for my second chance. On to the next one.....which is Allen Lowe’s Fake Music Ensemble in Hamden, CT, on October 13th at Best Video!